Maldives, The Indian Ocean paradise known as the Maldives is a collection of island atolls boasting the finest beaches and an underwater world teaming with exquisite coral walls and marine life. 

The magnificent Maldives will ignite your imagination with its castaway island allure and romantic settings surrounded entirely by soft sandy beaches and luminous blue waters. This seductive paradise will lull your senses with its dreamlike splendour for what promises to be the holiday of a lifetime. Puri Asia presents only the very best luxury villas in the Maldives to ensure an amazing sojourn filled with magical memories. 

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Amilla Great Beach Villa Residence - Absolute Perfection
Amilla Great Beach Villa Residence
$10,950 /night - Promo

Seeking a stunning absolute-beachfront residence on a spectacular tropical island ringed with…

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3,000 sqm 8 Bedrooms Beachfront Villa Maldives
Amilla 4 Bedroom Villa
Amilla 4 Bedroom Villa
$4,410 /night

The private, self-contained 4 Bedroom Villa Residences on Amilla Fushi are…

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1,500 sqm 4 Bedrooms Beachfront Villa Maldives
Amilla Villa Estate - Private Roof Terrace
Amilla Villa Estate
$25,330 /night - Promo

Luring super-savvy travellers and celebrities alike, The Amilla Villa Estate is the…

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2,500 sqm 6 Bedrooms Beachfront Villa Maldives