Bali Silent Retreat

Join us for a transformative journey towards peace and self-healing in our bespoke silent retreat program.

Acquiring and maintaining good health and happiness we are longing, is challenging due to the barriers we create. Stress, high expectations and tensions resulted from unfulfilled expectations, as well as relationship or social life issues, all of them affect our physical and mental well-being.

Without self-awareness, appropriate understanding, and protection, those mental and physical challenges may lead to sickness and suffering.

Led by Bali Usada, a health meditation center that is based on traditional Balinese, Indian, and Chinese wisdom. Combined with the broad personal experience as a holistic healer by the main teacher, Pak Merta Ada, Our silent retreat will take you into a healing and transformative journey


7 Days Healing Meditation : 20 – 26 October 2019

Price starting from USD 2,000



The well-structured seven-day residential retreat at Bali Ethnic Villa is designed as a comprehensive toolbox to gradually remove individual barriers that affect physical and mental well-being, and to improve health and happiness. It also develops a harmonious mind, which bears the combined qualities of concentration, mindfulness, loving kindness, and wisdom. In the retreat, we will learn to observe and gradually understand the present reality inside our mental-physical structure through conscious breathing and physical sensations.


The Seven-Day Healing Meditation will leave us with healthier mind and body, calmness, balance, and focus. Our energy level, metabolism, and immune system will be improved. Furthermore, we will discover a new inner world of happiness, peace, and harmony from within. Relieved from pain caused by traumatic old memories, which altogether will not only result in enhanced physical and mental well-being, but also in healthier relationships.

We will also gain the ability to heal ourselves from conditions like nervousness, depression, addiction, viral infections such as flu, herpes, hepatitis, hereditary ailments, insomnia, cancer, tumor, impotence, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and any sufferings caused by traumatic life experiences.

Usada is a Balinese word which means “health”. Tapa Brata means “intensive retreat in silence, training our mind and body by meditation, to achievie peace and happiness from within through the development of a harmonious mind”. That says it all, because it is about exploring, understanding and trying to restore our mental, emotional, and physical health as well as finding happiness within ourselves during a 7-day intensive and exciting journey inward.

The Meditation Technique:

The Bali Usada meditation combines concentration meditation with wisdom meditation with a focus on healing. The participants work to train their “Harmonious Mind” by strengthening concentration, mindfulness, gentleness (love in ourselves, for ourselves, and for others), and wisdom (especially the experience of the wisdom of the impermanence). In the first three days, this is mainly achieved by observing the respiration.

During the following days, participants go on a journey to explore their body intensely with their “Harmonious Mind.” Wherever we direct our “Harmonious Mind”, it strengthens the self-healing abilities of our cells and holistic healing takes place, both in body and in spirit. Unconscious blockages, traumas, and phobias stored in our memory and in the cells of our body are dissolved slowly and we are gradually freed of them.

On the fifth day, the participants work very specifically on the healing of their known diseases and their personal weaknesses, which they are aware of. The course is completed by a series of “loving kindness meditations” before the “Noble Silence” is opened at noon on Friday.

Throughout the whole course participants are regularly encouraged to, first of all, accept themselves as they are and to feel and develop love, gentleness, understanding, goodwill, and forgiveness for themselves, because these are the basic conditions for inner peace and healing.

It should however be understood that this meditation course does not replace the necessity for appropriate medical consultation or treatment by a qualified physician, depending on the condition and sickness of the participant, for which every participant him/herself has the sole responsibility.

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