Canggu is a coastal area located in Badung Regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, Canggu village can be reached in approximately 40 minutes or more if there is a traffic jam. Canggu is very popular in recent years. Canggu Village is one of the top destinations in Bali which is very crowded with visitors compared to other tourist attractions in Bali. Here are the facts that make Canggu an interesting place to visit:

  1. Canggu has beautiful nature with vast rice fields and very close access to the beach
  2. In Canggu there is a beautiful beach that is commonly used for surfing
  3. Canggu provides a variety of accommodation, such as guest houses, villas, and several hotels that have been built in the Canggu area.
  4. There are various places that can be visited, including numerous local to international restaurants.
  5. Canggu is located in a rural area that is safe for motorbikes to pass through
  6. Canggu is located close to Seminyak, which was already well-known.

 When visiting or staying in Canggu, the things that visitors should pay attention to are:

  1. Noise, Because Canggu is developing very rapidly, projects of villas, hotels, and restaurants are being built very quickly which causes noise that may occur around the villa.
  1. Traffic jams, Crowded visitors to Canggu village who come using private vehicles are the cause of traffic jams
  1. Crowd, Beach clubs or nightclubs create loud music and can be disturbing when living in this area. In addition, many events, such as parties, weddings, and many more make this place always crowded with visitors.

Although some of the facts above may annoy visitors, there are some tips that can be applied.

  1. Make sure your villa is away from construction and nightclubs if you want a quiet place
  2. Stay in the Umalas area if you want it to be less crowded and get cheaper villa rates
  3. Stay in the Berawa area if you want to live in a crowded place
  4. If you like surfing, stay near Echo beach for easy beach access

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