Seminyak has been famous since 2005. Moving from Kuta which is already very crowded, Seminyak has become a choice of destination that is more premium. Construction of the villas started in 2005 and is still ongoing today. Seminyak is an excellent place because it has sites that provide more exclusive and comfortable facilities to visit, but the prices offered are more expensive than Kuta or Canggu.

What makes Seminyak so popular? Here’s the review.

  1. Seminyak has Kayu Aya street where there are many boutiques that provide handmade and high-quality clothes and there are also classy restaurants.
  2. Seminyak provides a wide selection of world-class restaurants, from Indonesian, French, Greek, Indian restaurants, and many more
  3. In Seminyak there are many choices of classy villas and accommodation, such as hotels, 5-star villas, and private villas that can be rented.
  4. Seminyak has a beautiful beach to watch the sunset, and there are beachside restaurants.

Important Facts

  1. Seminyak has accommodation that is on average more expensive than other destinations.
  2. Seminyak beachfront hotels are usually 5-star hotels and above with an average nightly price of over 5 million.
  3. Villas located on the beach are very limited because land prices in Seminyak are very high
  4. Seminyak offers 2 types of villas, namely boutique villas and individual villas. Boutique villas are villas that are equipped with a pool without a complete kitchen and are located in a row with other villas such as in the hotel area, while Individual villas are villas that are exactly like a house complete with furniture, but there are full services like hotel service and there are also some villas with only cleaning staff on the afternoon.

Some Tips

  1. Boutique villa suitable for honeymoon without bringing your children
  2. Individual villas are suitable for family or group travellers
  3. Individual villas are cheaper because there is no brand label, while boutique villas are usually more expensive, especially since they are located close to the beach
  4. Kayu Aya Street is a popular and comfortable street to walk on
  5. If it’s near a crowd, the price of the villa tends to be more expensive and smaller
  6. If the villa is a bit far from the crowds, the price for the villa is cheaper and more spacious, but you need a car/motorcycle for mobility.


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