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Rent car Bali by Bali Tourdes

There are many Rent car bali options available during your holiday in Bali, such as metered taxi, online taxi, or public bus.  However, choosing the right transportation might be very difficult if you come to Bali for the first time, especially when you come with group of people. Here is some information about how to choose the right transportation during holiday in Bali:

Understanding the car capacity; Same as other places, Bali is very common to have a 4 or 7 seater car. When you wish to rent the car for your airport pick up, you have to make sure how many luggage you bring, so that you can understand how many cars you need.

Who you come with? If you bring children, you better book private car for your transport and book the baby car seat in advance. It is also better to book private car if you travel with elders.

Where you go; Understanding the area where you stay is very important as some area don’t have easy access, especially for public transport.

Understanding the cost and service

  1. Metered taxi is usually a bit expensive, but they’re happy waiting for you if you want to have groceries shopping, etc., of course, with additional charge.
  2. Rent car Bali apps such as online taxi is available, this service is usually very strict because they don’t want to wait you longer, no stop by, and no overcapacity.
  3. Private car is the most flexible one. It’s not affordable since private car also offer several best deals. But the price also come with some features, such as flexibility, especially when you travel with family and you need many things to be organized in advance

Here are some car types recommendation during in Bali

  1. Toyota Hi-Ace; Toyota HiAce come with 16 seater including driver. This van is very popular for group of people who wish to travel together in one car. People and luggage will be fit together in this van.
  2. Toyota Inova; Toyota Inova is one of the popular cars for holiday transport, besides, a great car specification, this car has 7-seater including driver. If you are a group of 3 – 4 people with luggage, this van is very convenience and good for your transport choice.
  3. Toyota Alphard, Toyota Alphard is one of the luxury cars in Bali that is very famous for comfortable travel. This 6 seater car is a great choice for you to have a luxury transport holiday with your family or friends.

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