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Aromatherapy Massage
The combination of its own aroma from a mixture of pure essence coconut oil, pandan, cempaka, sandat to relax the body followed by gentle movements lomi lomi, streching and hand pressure that will resuscitate the body from exhaustion and stimulate the work of the body.

*Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well.

60 minutes – 290K
90 minutes – 430K

River Massage
If you want a stiff loss of body, river  massage is the perfect answer. movement classical massage uses techniques to manipulate muscles with a variety of strokes. this massage will stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility and promote relaxation

60 minutes – 290K
90 minutes – 430K

Pressure is used to stimulated the reflex points in the feet. float into deeprelaxatiion for divine sense of well being

60 minutes – 260K
90 minutes – 385K

Traditional Balinese Massage
A unique combination of techniques that is now famous around the world. The tranquility of the Balinese massage has evolved from own styles and traditional homes for generations. It is still used amongst the local people of Bali for healing even today. Warming the body through palm pressure. Firm finger and long stimulating strokes. This massage is performed to ease body tension. Release stress and invigorate the sense

60 minutes – 290K
90 minutes – 430K

Tension Back Relief Massage
A deep tissue massage that employs age-old Balinese techniques to relieve stiffness and tension which combines firm muscle stimulation that enhances blood circulation and is excellent for jet lag recovery.

30 minutes – 290K
60 minutes – 430K

All Price Are In Indonesian Rupiah

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