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Water Rafting

Get wet and enjoy a thrilling and scenic journey along the enigmatic Ayung River in Ubud. Featuring Bali’s longest white water rafting trip and exclusively providing the only premium experience available on the island from start to finish; including the best facilities, equipment, safety, food and service.

Kayaking River

Get wet and enjoy a thrilling and scenic journey along the enigmatic Ayung River in Ubud. Featuring Bali’s longest white water rafting trip and exclusively providing the only premium experience available on the island from start to finish; including the best facilities, equipment, safety, food and service.

Flying Fish

Get ready for Flying Fish at Tanjung Benoa. This game utilizes a rubber boat that resembles a fish shape and is pulled by a high-speed speedboat. Usually, Flying fish can fly 2 meters above the water surface, but it also depends on the wind speed. This attraction can be played by 3-4 peoples.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat at Tanjung Benoa utilizes a boat that resembles a banana shape, which will be pulled easily by a speedboat because of its light weight. This game can be played by 3-6 people. Tourists who ride this vehicle need to wear a life jacket for safety and security.

Fly Board

Fly Board sport requires a high level of balance, with a tubin shape that resembles a jet ski board and is connected to an 18m long pipe. The function of the pipe here is to channel high pressure water, so that it can lift the tubin up with the help of a nozzle under the foot.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski is a watersport that utilizes a motorized boat-like vehicle. This sport can be said to be extreme, because it relies on speed, balance, and adrenaline. Although just sitting riding a jetski, there are many benefits to playing this sport. One of them strengthens the muscles of the body.


Parasailing is a fun activity, because you will be floating in the air and can see the beauty from above. This activity utilizes a harnace that is connected to a speedboat that travels at high speed, so that you float at an altitude of 70-100 meters above the water’s surface.

Rolling Donut

Rolling Donut at Tanjung Benoa is rubber boat game.This boat will be pulled by a high-speed speedboat which is 5 meters in front of the boat.We invite you to surround the beauty of the sea with the sensation of speed which usually turns sharply or moves in a zigzag way.

Sea Walker

Sea Walker is an activity that is on the seabed using a waterproof helmet to enjoy the underwater beauty. Swimming or diving skills are not so necessary. Selection of clean and rich dive sites with beautiful underwater views, will be shown to you, and guided by expert instructor.


Snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa is a diving activity at a depth of 2-5 meters that uses a snorkel (J-shaped breathing apparatus), frog legs, and scuba masks to see the beauty of marine life. This activity can be done by anyone, but is usually dominated by beginners.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island is a turtle breeding place in Tanjung Benoa. We will use a boat that has a capacity of 5–10 people with see-through glass at the bottom to see the beauty of marine life. Afterwards, take tours along the captivity to see birds, pythons, especially green turtles, along with other animals.

Scuba Dive

Nusa Dua Diving is a perfect dive site for those who want to brush up on their scuba diving skills. This is also a good place for those who wish to discover scuba diving and who intend to learn more about scuba diving. The dive sites in Nusa Dua are easy to access and offer a descent of reef fishes

Wake Board

Wake Board at Tanjung Benoa, Bali is a game on the water using a board (board) pulled by a speedboat. Wake Board itself is a sport that combines technique the concepts of Skate Board, Snow Board, and Surfing which ultimately provides an opportunity to enjoy the sensation of speed and conquer the waves.

Water Ski

Water Ski is a water sport in which players glide across the water using a board that is pulled by a boat. Water Ski requires equipment including skis, towing ropes and handles, gloves, buoys, and towing boats. Water Skiing can also use buoys, also known as tubing. This buoy is also used as a learning tool to train balance for beginners.

ATV Ride

ATV ride is located in Silakarang Village. Prepare yourself to conquer river tracks and jungle tracks with thrilling off-road tracks. Driving a vehicle over the river is an adrenaline rush. The adventure will last about 1.5 hours and you will be facilitated by 1 ATV vehicle complete with safety equipment such as helmets and boots

Jungle Buggie

Start your engines and get ready to embark on a journey into the jungle to experience Bali’s first and only purpose-built ATV track. This thrilling new course, spanning 5km over each lap, was crafted with the hardiest adventure seekers in mind to provide an exciting and intense driving experience like no other on the island.

Bathe & Breakfast

Reserve your exclusive opportunity to wash, bathe and ride bareback atop our elephants as they splash and play in their bathing lake. Afterwards, enjoy a full buffet breakfast with a view in the Park Restaurant as our elephants soak up and dry off in the morning sun.

Elephant Ride

Walk on the wild side with an informative and scenic stroll atop an elephant through our park and the cool Taro jungle. a memorable experience, interacting and exercising with our resident giants. Afterwards, enjoy lunch with a view of the elephant bathing lake in our Park Restaurant.

Jumbo Wash

Hose, wash, scrub, and caress your new friend, as you experience a unique connection with one of our elephants as you get up close and personal. Afterwards, observe the elephant education show and enjoy a full buffet lunch with a view of the elephants in their bathing lake.

Night Safari Ride

In the still of the misty forest of Taro at nightfall, our elephants take you on Bali’s only twilight elephant trek. Enjoy the Elephant Education Show at dusk before a night safari ride through the dimly lit forest followed by a gourmet set dinner in our Palm Grove by the lake.

Mountain Cycling

Get ready to embark on a journey, through Bali’s most scenic highland locales. Ride near the renowned Mount Batur Volcano, overlooking Kintamani Lake, and cycle down through 30kms of forest trails, ancient Hindu temples, villages, rice fields, and plantations, sampling exotic fruits at their natural source.

Tropical Trekking

Bali-Mason-Taro-Tropical Trekking
Discover and learn the natural beauty of Bali on a scenic trek over the hinterlands through the ancient Hindu village of Taro, and its surrounding area. Expert guides detail the culture, customs and traditions of Balinese daily life and take you along hidden trails through the jungle where you will come across temples, springs and other natural treasures.

Batur Trekking

Sign up for an early morning trek of Mount Batur (1717 m) and stand atop the tall summit for an unforgettable view of the sun rising over the sleeping island of Bali. The trek will need 1.5 to 2 hours to climb the mountain till first peaks. Afterwards, while waiting for the sunrise, savour a delicious breakfast cooked especially for you!

Nusa Penida Trip

Nusa Penida is one of the islands separated from the island of Bali, which is still included in the Klungkung district, which is adjacent to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Explore the charms of Nusa Penida and prepare to amazed by spectacular views that await you there. Afterwards, enjoy a one night stay in our best villa.
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