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Agung Juliarta
CEO – Founder

With a solid background in Bali’s luxury villa sector, Agung founded the company in 2009 and re-brand the name in 2014 in to Puri Asia to anticipate the needs of seasoned travellers seeking high-end villa accommodation. He tapped into this niche market by personally engaging clients and boldly making himself available around the clock. Agung is the ultimate communicator with a double university degree and savvy business acumen. His friendly demeanour and insatiable appetite for travel have helped him secure some of the finest luxury villas holiday across Asia.

At Puri Asia, we understand your desire for a luxury villa holiday that reflects your taste and personal preferences. With years combined hospitality expertise in sourcing private accommodation options in Asia, our team take the time to determine your priorities through a detailed consultation process.

Luxury Villa Holiday on Puri Asia

We curate sublime villa experiences filled with wonderful moments to treasure long after you return home. Simply pick your favourite island destination and we’ll infuse our own brand of Puri Asia magic, service skills and local knowledge to create an unsurpassed stay. The very best of Bali, Lombok, Phuket, Sri Lanka and the Maldives awaits your arrival.


Our Goal

At Puri Asia we are fully committed to helping you find the perfect villa to suit your travel needs and desires.

Our Mission

To provide you with a luxury villa experience filled with unforgettable memories for the ultimate tropical escape.

Our Promise

Ensure that you are indulged with world-class services and facilities for enhanced personal comfort.

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